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Amp Industries is a great solution for your solar installation needs.

Amp Industries can make the transition between solar power and grid power seamless. When you are using less electricity than your solar power system is producing the extra wattage is fed onto the grid causing your meter to spin backwards. Then at night, or during heavy usage during the day, your electricity is supplied to you by the grid just like it is now.

You do not need to produce all of the energy you use to realize savings. If you install a system that produces 50% of your usage you will still see a BIG difference in your electric bill.

We provide the installations, file the rebate paperwork, submit the permitting, attend all inspections, and even pay you the system rebate money upfront so you donít have to wait for a check from the government months down the road.

Solar power is a great investment in the environment as well as your portfolio. To see how a system would benefit you and your family, please give us a call to setup a solar evaluation or to just get some more information about solar.